What is content Writing and why it’s important?

Content writing is an important part to promote any website, content is the king of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If your website content is unique and resourceful, naturally your web site will get a good ranking in search engines. The article marketing is also a good way to publicize a website or blog. Unique content is not only helpful in generating new visitor but also gives an authenticity among readers about geniuses of website. While writing contents we need to take care of some important facts.

Content Writing

Facts we need to focus

  • Do not use too many keywords in your webpage content because we need to prevent our website from Google penalty. For example if your article content is 400 – 500 words long then it’s better to use maximum 3-4 keywords.
  • One of the most important facts that we need to consider is “purity of the content”. Your content should be natural and no need to put extra focus on keyword density. Do not copy the content from different sites.
  • Content writer must have good command over English language, grammar, spellings, and well formed sentences.
  • Article length is next very important aspect; your article length should be minimum 400 words but try to increases article length up to 600-700 words. Content writing is a skill if your content length is less than Mitts de dealer okblackjackheeft. 400 words then it should not be considered as an article but not more than a small paragraph.
  • Use short and simple sentences and try to avoid complicated and difficult words in article. Try to use user friendly keywords.
  • Write effective headline, while giving a heading, think like a reporter and write something that attracts the reader.
  • Title and Headline are very important parts of the content also use sub headings and points throughout the article. This will make your article attractive and meaningful.
  • Don’t use pointless (unnecessary) information within the body of articles because that it may lead to wrong impression among the reader’s.
  • If you are writing review about any product or service, you should always describe them one by one in detail so that people would not face any difficulty while reading them. Don’t give false information about the product.

We should keep all these points while doing article and content writing so we can have higher web traffic and genuine feedback. If you have more relevant ideas please send us through email. Our content management team will review it and if it’s appropriate we will add that in above sub-points.