Google & Overture Campaign Setup–

A Better ROI for your ad campaign. Start gaining new customers today!

Researchers found out that, more than 150 million times a day, people use Google to find what they’re looking for. Make sure they find what you’re selling.

Create a text ad that appears next to Google and partner search results including AOL,, Lycos, Netscape, Ask Jeeves/Teoma and many others. You decide which searches show your ad and what you’re willing to pay for each new customer who clicks on it. Google AdWords program offers advantages not found in any other online ad program, but the most important one is the return you’ll get on your investment. Because at the end of the day, it’s all about results.

What is Google AdWords-

Google AdWords is a pay-per-click online advertisement service that lets advertisers post text ads for their sites targeted for specific keywords. These ads are shown in the “Ads by Google” banners seen all over the World Wide Web, and also as sponsored links on the Google search results pages. A pay-per-click service, advertisers pay only when someone clicks on their ad link. Users have total control over their ad content, daily ad budget and how much they are willing to pay per click.

How Keyword-Competing Ads are Ranked–

Where the ad will be placed in the banner line-up is determined by a combination of two things: the click-through rate (how many times the ad is clicked on compared to the other ads listed), and how much the advertiser agrees to pay Google per click. In other words the highest paying advertiser with the most tantalizing link wins the top spot.

Benefits of Using AdWords-

  Fast Results- Advertisers can have their ads up all over the Internet and begin testing products and marketing strategies in minutes. As opposed to waiting months for a search engine to spider and index a web site, AdWords™ can give advertisers quick traffic and fast feedback.

  Target Audience- Google AdWords users choose keywords to match their ad/product so they can reach customers who are looking for their product or service. And find people who are essentially searching for the same keywords the advertiser specifies in the AdWords™ account manager.

  Budget Control- Advertisers have total control over their ad budget. There is no monthly minimum spending limit. There is a $5 set up fee and then advertisers can choose how much they will pay per click from five cents to fifty dollars (USD). Advertisers can set up a daily allowance. When the budget for the day is all gone their ad will be removed, so advertisers don’t overspend

  Productivity– AdWords users benefit from the reports and statistics that help users determine which ads, keywords, and prices per click are the most productive. This helps advertisers get the best return on investment possible.

Let us Manage your PPC Campaigns for You –

We have years of working experience on top level paid search campaigns. We quickly and effectively set-up Overture, Google, Find What

and other top-tier paid search campaigns. We create keyword categories, titles, descriptions, campaign budgets and unique tracking links that will provide you with a fully optimized campaign from the start. Not only you will be able to drive more traffic to your website but will also gain important market intelligence. We recommends the two most popular providers of pay-per-click services: Google and Overture.

Google has the highest user profile of all the search engines currently in use on the Internet, making it the single most important engine to target for campaigns.

Overture is used because it feeds into a large number of other personal search engines, such as Yahoo, MSN and Alta Vista. Overture campaigns can take up to 3 days to start working

Our Adwords experts will do:

 Sign you up with your own Adwords Campaign

 Work with you to decide a monthly budget

 Research your market and find keywords and key phrases that we feel will offer the best ROI

 Organize your keywords into categories, then write targeted titles and descriptions for each category

 Set your keyword bids based on competition

 Set up the Google conversion tool on your site, then monitor which keywords/phrase are performing

 Eliminate and add keywords based on performance

 Raise and lower your bids to maximize your ROI

 Send you a keyword report at the end of the month to show you how your campaign is performing.