What is Clickfunnels?

Russel Brunson’s Clickfunnels, is a platform where you can get Sales funnels or Website designed.

Here we can start with an:

1. Opt-in form – An optin form consists of 2-3 fields like, name, email and mobile number.
The opt-in form is on the main page. It can be prior to sales page or on sales page.

The landing page consists of nice attractive user friendly lines that makes user stay for long and prompts him to fill Opt-in form.

The sooner user fills Opt-in form he gets redirected to another page.

2. Sales page or Products Page – Sales page or a Product page. It’s a page showing the product the website is selling with price, product features, etc.

The content and images of sales page needs to be attractive and convincing for user to make quick decision of buying the same.

The sooner user clicks on “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” he gets redirected to Order page or Checkout page.

If there are Upsells or OTO1, OTO 2 then instead of getting redirected to thanks page user gets redirected to Upsell page.

Buyer has an option to buy or decline, in both the cases he gets redirected to 2nd upsell page.

Here also the buyer has an option to accept or decline.

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The following type of products can be sold through Clickfunnel platform:

  Basic Opt-in funnel with thanks page

  Sales funnel – Ebooks, Audio or Video files, Physical or Shipping products funnel

  Webinar funnel

  Membership products funnel

  Funnels with Bump order / offer

Few other things to be considered here:

3. The Opt-in form can be configured with



  Constant Contact

  Send Grid

  Active Campaigns


They all have more over similar functionalities but each of these is having different user interface and platform.

4. For making the payments the website owner has to buy


  Infusionsoft services



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