Importance of Interactive Website to Businesses

What is a Website? What is internet?
We come across the above 4 terms every day, but do we know the exact meaning of these and if these would have been not there in current scenario what our life would have been? Has anybody thought of this? A big Answer NO……

What is a Website? In layman’s language website is collection of web pages having text and images. These images and text can describe from needle to airplane on a web-page. It can be described with additional medium like video files, sound files, animation, etc. Hence a graphical presentation of a product in form of web-pages is a website.

With the internet the same website can be accessed anywhere in the world at a same time on millions of computers.

What is Internet?
Internet is a medium that connect your computer with the main server and downloads the files that you have requested on your compute from main server.

Arrows shows- flow of internet

Importance of Website?
Website is a frame of individual, a picture of organization; website depicts what an enterprise actually does. Through website we can easily word out the products and services an organization is providing. We can easily communicate with the organization or the enterprise for our specific requirements.

There are so many advantages that can be achieved by anyone from a personal or professional use. If you have a business, a website will become a great virtual presence of what you’re doing and you’re your organization is offering. Website is a tool to advertise your products or services online. One can communicate and can provide online support.

Development of website is not a difficult as it might seem. With help of online tutorials over the internet one can easily learn on how to develop a good website. Besides this you can always hire professionals to develop a website. Basic is HTML as designing language and Photoshop as designing tool one must know if he wants to design a site of his own. For advance developing there are other programming languages like XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, .asp etc.

Later we can discuss about optimizing the website and get better search engines results.

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