Setup Your Drop shipping business on EBay in 6 Easy Steps

As we all know online selling of products is very popular and every seller wants to sell their products online because it’s very simple and effective way. Here I’m discussing about one of latest trend to make money online without putting too many efforts.

What is drop shipping Business?

Drop shipping businessDrop shipping is one where you can sell products of wholesaler or manufacturer. A good thing about this business is that you do not need to keep products in stock because whenever you receive an order, you simply forward the order to manufacturer and they will ship the product on your behalf. Your profit depends on the difference between retail price and wholesale price.

Let’s start drop ship on EBay

You can simply setup your drop ship business on eBay by following these six steps:

  • Create seller account on eBay: Firstly you need create seller a/c on eBay; it is free of cost they only charge at the time of product listing.
  • Search drop shipping companies: After seller account setup we need to focus on some major drop shipping companies who provide shipping all over the world like (worldwide brands, doba etc.) and then purchase plan accordingto your budget and need. After complete setup with drop shipping company you will get access to their products. (depending on the plan you have chosen from drop shippers)
  • Choose products: Next step is to make selection of products you would like to sell on your eBay store and always choose products that are highly selling on eBay.
  • Setup your eBay store: You can create your own store in eBay, for this eBay will charge according to plan you have selected.
  • Product listing: Start putting products to your eBay store. For each product insertion fees will be charged by eBay. One can upload product images supported with products title, description, and other features of the product. (Most important the product price should be competitive against similar items on ebay.)
  • Contact drop shipper when item sold: Once your item gets sold off, you need to contact drop shipper, give them customer’s shipping address with product details that he/she has purchased. Now finally drop shipper will ship the products directly to the customer and your job is done.

So let’s start your drop ship business on eBay and make money without putting much effort.

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