Promote Your Website through Google Adwords Campaigning

As we all are aware Google is #1 search engine and millions of search queries are performed every day. Each site owner or webmaster wants his or her site to rank at a higher position in Google. Want higher web traffic which can ultimately lead to increase in business.

“This can be done through SEO or Google Adwords”

About search engine optimization (SEO) we have already discussed in our previous article and here we will come with another concept i.e. PAID ADS or Google Adwords?

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords campaigning is online pay per click (PPC) advertisement service that allows advertiser to post their ads to target specific keywords. These ads are visible in Google search results under “Ads by Google” geographically or across the world as sponsored links.

If a user searches with a specific keyword and the ad appears under sponsored ads it will be consider as Google paid ads. If the ad is clicked then the advertiser pays only for that specific click or ad link. Advertiser has total control over their ad text, daily budget and how much they want to pay per click.

How keyword competing ads are ranked?

The appearance of add in Google search result page is determined by combination of two aspects one is click through rate (CTR) i.e. how many times your ad is clicked as compare to other listed ads and other is how much the Jo vuodesta 2002 asti pyorinyt CasinoEuro tarjoaa loistavaa netti kasino viihdetta. advertiser agrees to pay per click to Google or you can say highest paying advertiser must wins the top position.

What are the advantages of using Adwords?

  • Productivity: Advertiser has benefits from Google Adwords reports and statistics that helps advertisers to determine which keywords, price, and ads are most productive. This will really helps advertisers to get best outcome on possible investment.
  • Fast Results: You can get rapid results from your advertisement because Google spread your add all over the internet and your long waiting period for Google indexing for your website will finished soon, also getting rapid traffic and fast response.
  • Budget Control: Control over your ad’s budget is totally in the hands of advertisers. There is no monthly limit opposed by the Google to the advertisers and only $5 setup fee is required after that advertiser can choose how much they will pay per click from $0.5 to $50 and when your budget gone your ad will removed automatically, so advertiser don’t overspends.
  • Target Audience: Advertiser can choose geographically where he or she wants their ad to appear. Suppose a user wants to sell woollen clothes through his website he would prefer his ad to appear in those areas where its cold or winters are approaching but not in warm areas where people are using fans. Always choose keyword that fits best to your product and services, so an advertiser can reach relevant customers.

Start your PPC campaigning

  • Firstly sign-up for your own Adwords campaign
  • Decide your monthly budget
  • Start Keywords analysis and choose keyword that fits best for your products
  • Categorize your keywords and then give appropriate title and brief description for each category
  • Setup bids for each keyword according to competition
  • To watch the performance of your keywords, setup Google conventional tool on your website
  • Eliminate or add keywords based on their performance
  • Raise your bids for important keywords
  • Get keyword report at the end of the month and do performance analysis.