On Page Optimization Tips to Improve Search Engine Rankings

Search engine optimization (SEO) is basically divided into two parts i.e. on page optimization and off page optimization. In my recent post, I have discussed about off page optimization techniques and here I’m going to discuss about some important aspects and tips of on-page optimization.

What is On Page Optimization?

First of all we need to know about on page optimization and how we can get this done in few hours. On page SEO is one of the initial steps of SEO which every webmaster should do to initiate the process. On page SEO not only rank well in a search engine but also improve the readability of your website. What can be done on the pages of website comes under on page optimization.

On-page optimization means working on the web-page directly. Updating title, tags etc and then uploading the page through ftp or Cpanel .

Here we come more in details…

On Page Optimization Techniques

Title Optimization:  Title is firstly indexed by the search engines and then responds to user search queries. Page title should be between 65 to 70 characters and must consist of important keyword.

Meta tag optimization: Meta tags play very important role in on page optimization and provide information regarding the webpage. These Meta keywords and Description.

  • Meta Description:  Meta description should contain brief information regarding your products and services and must be well written. Description should be up to 170 characters with 2-3 main keywords.
  • Meta Keywords:  You must add some keywords that are related to your web-page after analyzing your keyword competition with other websites. It’s better to include 12 to 16 keywords in Meta tag.

Important HTML tags: Some HTML tags that are used to highlight important areas of website to give more user attention. Tags like H1, H2, Strong (Bold), em (Italic) etc. The text inside H1 is given very high priority by the search engines.

Keyword optimization: The content of the site should be written in such a way that it can be easily crawled by search engine and is user friendly and readable for visitors. We should not stuff too many keywords because this will make our site unreadable. Some points to focus on:

  • Make use of long tale keywords to rank easy
  • Make use of Google Adwords keywords tool
  • Make use of synonyms and related keywords
  • Taken care of keyword density

Link optimization: It is one of the most important aspects that we need to consider while doing on page optimization. Optimize all inbound and outbound links for search engines and also give better navigation to all visitors.

  • Use meaningful anchor text while liking
  • The internal link structure should be clean
  • Use permalinks if you are using CMS

Image Optimization: The website images must be well optimized because search engines don’t crawl images. Define each image with an appropriate title or ALT text. The image name should be meaningful.