Importance of Facebook Likes in Social Media Marketing

Internet has become a part of our life. The use of internet plays a very important role in business promotion. Talking about internet marketing it’s a very vital aspect in the success of our business. The most powerful and effective method of doing internet marketing till date was “link building“. The main goal in “link building” was to create links by getting a link to product or company’s website. But with the increase of spam and bad links this method started getting a hit back.

But with the introduction of “Social Media” in internet marketing the whole scene of web-promotion through internet got changed. Social networking websites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and FACEBOOK has become the most important part of online”>social media marketing. (SMM or SMO)

There are many reasons for “why Facebook likes are important for your business or product or any other services”:

They come from “REAL” peoples.

Almost all Facebook accounts are owned by real peoples. It means that it is their sole decision to like or not to like your services or product.

One person”s like will expose your product to all its contacts.

When someone likes your product or services it will be immediately reflected on his or her Facebook page

A Facebook LIKE is free.

Instead of hiring an individual or a company for link building services the LIKES from Facebook comes totally free of cost and cover your target customers.

Facebook LIKE helps in interaction with your potential customers.

Once a Facebook user LIKES your page he or she can easily comment on your services or product. This is a vice-versa process and is best way to reach your target user. You will get the pros and cons of your products directly.

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