EBooks & Digital Products Selling through Clickbank

Digital Products Selling Clickbank

Clickbank is a platform where an author or writer can sell his eBook at a very nominal fee. Clickbank is totally secure and trustworthy portal where anyone with register and start selling his eBooks, hard copy, or any other digital product like audio or video files.

Get a professional website designed, developed and coded from www.Sochtek.com in wordpress.

Our team of developers understands the key areas which a website should have and how to get the product approved at Clickbank.

Once the website is ready, next step is to integrate the eBook or Digital Product Website with Clickbank platform.

Getting the product approve from Clickbank is not so easier. There are several steps that a developer has to follow for getting thank you page approved from Clickbank technical team.

Ebooks and digital products selling clickbank

Important points like:

  • Website must have minimum 60 days money back guarantee
  • Website not to have Add to Cart button.
  • Website to have buy now button
  • Website should have Clickbank provided disclaimer in footer
  • If website is stating 3rd party name in content, the relation of that person has to be mentioned in footer of website.
  • Website must have contact email address.
  • Likewise there are several other points that are important.

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