Clickbank Flow & Advance Flow

Once the product is LIVE on Clickbank platform and we have additional products related to it we can create a flow.

It’s a special and unique feature which Clickbank provides.

Pitch Plus Flow.

Clickbank Flow & Advance Flow

Pitch plus flow gives an advantage to internet user to buy multiple items from a vendor at a reasonable sale price without adding credit card details again (passes through CBF parameter of Clickbank)

Pitch plus flow gives an advantage to vendor where he can sell more than one items to a same buyer at a same time without any hassle.

Clickbank pitch plus flow is a secure platform for selling multiple items.

Apart from flow of 2 items as we have mentioned in above flow chart Clickbank also allows flow of 3 to 4 products and it comes under Advance Flow.

Advance flow in Clickbank is a special flow which is activated on request.

If you are having any issue in your existing Clickbank site or looking to get a website developed and coded with Clickbank pitch plus flow you can contact

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